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Congratulations and thank you for deciding to adopt a rescue dog! Adopt 1 + Save 3!


How is it 3 dogs? By adopting a dog from JRNC, you create a space for another dog to become a JRNC foster and this allows a shelter to make room to save another dog.

Although “Jack Russell” is in the name, many of the dogs JRNC rescues are mixed breed dogs. The dogs rescued often come from puppy mill seizures, or from high-kill shelters that euthanize dogs. Occasionally, dogs come from families who can no longer care for a dog due to ill-health, death or the inability to take a dog with them when they move. No matter what the reason, they deserve a second chance! Thank you for giving it to them!

Adoption Process

1. Submit application - click here.

2, You will be contacted for a phone interview by the Foster or Adoption Team.

3. A JRNC Volunteer will check your personal references & speak to your vet.

4. A JRNC Volunteer will complete a home visit with all family and pets.

5. The Foster will schedule a Meet "n" Greet with you. (unless puppy from U.S)

6. The adoption agreement is sent out to you. Once executed agreement and payment is received by JRNC, pick up arrangements are made for your new dog. (If puppy is from U.S., JRNC will do their best to have your new puppy on the next transport - pending available space)


For full adoption requirements - click here.

Adoption Fees:                                        

Unfixed puppy (3-5mo)         $1100 ( $350 refundable alteration fee)

Fixed puppy (under 12 mo)   $850

Adult dogs (1-9yrs)                 $600 

Senior dogs (10 yrs+)              $350



All JRNC rescued dogs are spayed and/or neutered (if age appropriate), microchipped, Heartworm tested and up-to-date on all appropriate vaccinations.

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