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  • What is the adoption fee?
    Unfixed puppy (3-6mo) $1100 ($350 refundable alteration fee) Fixed puppy (< 1yr) $850 Adult dogs (1-9 yrs) $600 Senior dogs (10 yrs+) $350
  • Where do the fees go?
    Incoming funds are: 70% sourced from Adoption Fees 30% from Sponsorship (Donations) Expenses are: 80% Veterinary Costs 20% Transportation, and Administrative Expenses Rescues costs include: Intake Fees, Vet Care, Transportation Fees, etc.
  • Where do JRNC dogs come from?
    JRNC dogs come from shelters in Canada and the United States.
  • What vetting do the dogs receive?
    All dogs rescued are seen by a veterinarian before they are transported or brought to foster home. It is a requirement that all dogs entering Canada must be vaccinated for Rabies. In addition, JRNC has all imported dogs tested and treated, if necessary, for heartworm, and are vaccinated against distemper/parvovirus and kennel cough. They are also dewormed. As age appropriate, they are neutered/spayed.
  • How does JRNC ensure the health of the rescue dogs from the Southern States?
    Dogs that come from southern States where Heartworm is endemic, such as Texas, Louisiana and Alabama must be given Heartworm prevention every month for 12 months. Dogs that have been successfully treated for Heartworm must be given Heartworm prevention for 24 months.



Coco - Rescued 2019


MARY - Rescued 2022


SPARKY - Rescued 2019

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