Do you wish you could foster or adopt, but maybe it's not the right time? Do you have love in your heart and time to give to these amazing dogs? There is lots of work that happens behind the scenes.


Check out our different volunteer opportunities below! Fill out an application and once it has been received, a JRNC Volunteer will contact you to schedule a telephone interview.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

Penny - August 2020


Foster Homes

Provide loving, safe and positive home for newly rescued dogs and participate in their adoption process.

Transportation Drivers

Provide occasional driving commitments on weekends and one-off basis, suited to your location and flexibility. (In-person transportation, occasional)

Home Visitors

Provide occasional home visits for potential adopters and foster homes in your area, completing standard check lists and ensuring the home and it's demographics are suitable for a rescue dog. (In-person visits, occasional)

Patio - August 2020

Luke - November 2019