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Please review the requirements below, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact JRNC at Full details are outlined in JRNC Adoption Agreement, which is signed at time of payment.


  1. Dogs may be adopted by persons over the age of 18 years, are resident in any Province of Canada who have completed a satisfactory telephone interview, received positive veterinarian and reference checks and have had a home visit with a positive recommendation;

  2. All dogs available for adoption are spayed/neutered if they have reached appropriate age and have all up-to-date vaccinations. If a puppy has not reached the appropriate age, the adopter must provide proof of spay/neuter to fully complete adoption.

  3. Dogs may be adopted by individuals or families living in owner occupied homes including condominiums and rented homes including apartments subject to the approval of their landlord;

  4. Dogs may be adopted by families with children 4 years and older. Exceptions may be made where the adopter has children under the age of 4, has previously owned terriers, understands their temperament and is experienced in their handling and the terrier has been exposed to small children in the past;

  5. That, to the satisfaction of the dog’s foster and the Home Visitor, the Applicant has considered the commitment required to care for a dog for its entire life, which could exceed 15 years;

  6. Many dogs live long lives. To ensure they have forever homes that are 'forever', applicants over 66 years are encouraged to consider a dog 7 years old or over, Older applicants wishing to adopt younger dogs will require a co-applicant who is comfortable and experienced to take over care if required. 

  7. That the Applicant has considered:

  • That the financial commitment necessary to properly feed, house and provide adequate veterinary care for a pet can be expensive;

  • The possibilities of emergency veterinary costs arising and has a plan in place to deal with such situations and that they realize that, as dogs age, their veterinary care requirements may grow, and the costs may increase accordingly;

  8. Has a current veterinarian, a history with a veterinarian or have access that can be verified;

  9. That to the satisfaction of the Home Visitor:

  • Everyone in the home is interested and excited about adopting rescue dogs including all children (if any);

  • Children (if any) must be present at the meet & greet and must be seen to interact with dogs in the home, i.e. pet the dog, give the dog treats. If the dog shows signs of being scared or of aggression during the interaction the family is probably not a good fit as a foster family. If the children are not present, a second meet & greet must be scheduled;

  • The Applicant can demonstrate that he/she is knowledgeable about terriers and understand their temperament and personality;

  • The Applicant has enough free time each day to devote to feeding, exercising and interacting with a dog;

  • The Applicant has the patience necessary to train and rehabilitate a rescued dog and that they understand that the transition for these dogs into new homes can take time and that they may have to house train the dog;

  • The home environment is right for this dog;

  10. That the Applicant is willing and able to keep JRNC updated on the dog’s progress by sharing pictures, videos and   information via email or social media (social media: optional)

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