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JRNC understands that giving up your pet is one of the hardest things you will ever do and we are here to help.

We ask that when you contact us to surrender your dog, please complete the form below with as much information as possible and send us pictures of the dog. This will help us place the dog into a wonderful foster home, as well as find the best forever home.


JRNC takes pride in our screening and partnering process. We are knowledgeable and thorough for each and every dog, foster  home and forever home.

Most people are aware that animal cruelty exists, but think it doesn't happen in their neighbourhood. Like child abuse and domestic violence, most animal cruelty goes unreported. Most reported animal abuse and neglect goes no farther than local animal control.

Please do not give your dog away dog online - either free or setting a price - "a good home, is often not a good home."

  • When you surrender your dog to JRNC you will be signing over ownership of your dog and be asked to provide vet records.

  • When you surrender your dog to JRNC, we appreciate receiving the dog’s belongings so they feel safe and have familiar items in their new foster home: crate, bed, blankets, toys, dishes, food, etc.

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